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Discover the rich tapestry of Waterford's history and natural splendour with Osprey Viking Cruises.

Situated at Millennium Plaza in Waterford City, we are a local river cruise company steered by Andrew McDermott, your dedicated and warm-hearted guide with a wealth of local knowledge and maritime experience.

We take pride in offering bespoke river tours, tailor-made to unveil the historic wonders, serene landscapes, and the gentle riverside ambience of Waterford.

Our cruises are an ideal choice for anyone visiting Waterford, locals seeking a unique family outing, or those wishing to celebrate a special occasion in a unique setting. We offer a variety of cruises including history-themed tours, nature explorations, and tranquil sunset cruises.

Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to corporate groups looking to host memorable events on the water. Our cruises provide a refreshing and unique backdrop for corporate outings, ensuring a captivating and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

With Osprey Viking Cruises, you can anticipate a personalised and immersive journey as you meander along the River Suir, delve into Waterford's storied past, and bask in the peaceful aura of the riverine surroundings.

Come aboard and create enduring memories on the tranquil waters of Waterford with Osprey Viking Cruises!

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